17 Jun, 2024




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She was born in Ankara in 1992. She finished her undergraduate program in 2017 in Ankara University Faculty of Law. During her undergraduate education, she focused on domestic law and women's rights. She received certificates from Turkey Bars Association in seminar programs such as Title 6284 Protection of the Family and Prevention of Domestic Violence in Practice and Its Impact in Divorce Cases; Cases Arising from Separation of Estates, Legal Expert Reports and Applications. In her second, third, and fourth year of undergraduate education, she was awarded Higher Education Success Award by Turkish Education Foundation, her scholarship sponsor. In 2017, she joined the clinical study named ‘Prisons Law Clinic’ coordinated by Prof. Dr. Gülriz Uygur in Ankara University. Since March 1st, 2017, she has been working at Karınca Law Office and finished her internship in August 5th, 2018 set forth by the Ankara Bar. Since September 12th, 2018 she has been an attorney registered to the Ankara Bar fulfilling her occupation.