Our Principles

ilkelerimizKarınca Avukatlık acts fairly among its clients. It does not discriminate among clients.

ilkelerimizKarınca Avukatlık stays up-to-date in light of the latest information, legal precedents, and applications in order to provide the utmost quality of service in its areas of work and defends its clients accordingly.

ilkelerimizKarınca Avukatlık informs its clients about the due processes, cases to open and the petition letters to be submitted. It does not perform actions without the approval of the client.

ilkelerimizKarınca Avukatlık does not advertise over its clients and does not mediate such actions.

ilkelerimizKarınca Avukatlık does not falsely demonstrate proficiency in a field in which it is not proficient. It does not perform actions that mislead or cause panic.

ilkelerimizKarınca Avukatlık, while familiar with novel means of defense powered by its legal knowledge and experience, does not attempt actions that will endanger their clients' rights and interests.

ilkelerimizKarınca Avukatlık does not use or advise non-legal methods in its cases and businesses. It does not cause unnecessary expenditures for its clients.

ilkelerimizKarınca Avukatlık uses its influence over its clients in legal ways and for purposes that preserve its clients' interests. It does not get into a sentimental or financial relationship to achieve a personal, non-mutual gain from its clients.

ilkelerimizKarınca Avukatlık does not use information obtained from its clients against their clients' interests. When information disclosure becomes necessary, it is disclosed after obtaining consent from the clients.

ilkelerimizKarınca Avukatlık abides by the work ethic and the Occupation Rules of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations. It observes international rules in this topic. It targets the achievement, preservation and sustainment of trust to the law and the members of the judiciary in line with the Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct.