Av. Eray Karınca

With over 30 years of experience as a judge in the domestic, trade, and criminal courts
Founder of Karinca Law Office in 2011
Owner of many legal rulings, articles, and awards covered in the press

BİOGRAPHY Eray Karınca

Eray Karınca, founder of Karınca Law Office, started his legal career as a judge in Şanlıurfa Felony Court in 1985. During his career, he continued his work in penal, trade, small claims, and domestic courts for 28 years overall, retiring in 2011 to found Karınca Law Office.

During his appointment in the domestic court, Karınca was recognized for his articles and rulings for preventing violence against women and children. He contributed in the Grand General Assembly Commissions and the Domestic Violence Protection Law Regulations. He helped pass the Law of Family Protection and Prevention of Violence Against Women.

Karınca was also known for high profile cases such as those of artists and businesspersons. He is the name behind countless legal rulings that have made newspaper headlines, as well as interviews in major TV networks.

He graduated Ankara University Faculty of Law (1981) and TODAİE Public Administration Graduate Program (1992).

He published short story books and various academic articles.

In 1997 in Aydın, Turkey, he created and published Aydınca, a periodical literary digest.

Eray Karınca


“Şanlıurfa'dan Örneklerle Kan Davaları (A Case Analysis of Family Feuds in Şanlıurfa)” Turkish Social Sciences Foundation Young Social Scientists Award, 1987.

“Çökelez” Çankaya Mayorship and Damar Literature Journal, First place for short story, 1997.

“Hayvanat Bahçesinde Bir Gün (A Day At the Zoo) ” Bu Press Children's story, 1997.

“Bir Top Sarı Işık (A Ball of Golden Light)” Halkevleri, Second place, 1998.

“Çimlerin Dansı (Dance of the Grass)” Ankara Bar Workplace Memoir, First place, 1999.

“Kadına Yönelik Aile İçi Şiddet (Domestic Violence Against Women)” Milliyet Newspaper Örsan Öymen Study of the Year, 2009.

“Kız Doğursun Anneler (How Happy Is The Mother Giving Birth To A Daughter)” Cumhuriyet Newspaper Yunus Nadi Social Sciences Research, 2011.

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