Domestic Law

We provide legal solutions in drafting separation of assets contracts, child custody, alimony, international child abduction by parent, and fulfilling obligations that resulted from marriage in addition to representing our clients in divorce and marital property cases.

International Law

We are listed as a reference lawyer in the Embassies of Germany, Spain, and Kazakhstan. In addition, we have successfully handled cases of clients of American and Russian nationalities. We are experts in the consultation and legal proceedings of domestic, felony, trades, and property cases for foreign persons and companies.

Property Law

We represent our clients in deed registration/cancellation, prevention of seizure, neighborhood law, rent collection, and eviction.

Criminal Law

We repsent clients, be them victims or perpetrators, in criminal courts for cases such as defamation, threat, sexual assault, manslaughter/injury, financial crimes etc.

Constitution Law

We convey violations of personal rights and freedoms succinctly and clearly with respect to the sequence of events.

Administrative Law

We follow cases and provide legal counseling in energy law, contract bidding law, officer appointments and correction processes, higher education (YÖK) law, mayorship environment statute, Social Security (SGK) legislation, competition law, personal data protection law, privatization statute, Alcohol Market Regulation Institution statute, telecom law, and IT/communication law.

Trade Law

We represent clients in commercial businesses and companies law, mergers and acquisitions, bills of exchange, and civilian aviation.