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Exceeding 30 years of experience, we are at your service in our Ankara law office as attorneys at law and consultants, specialized in the following fields: domestic law (divorce, property sharing, alimony, custody, kidnapping by parent etc.), administrative law, trade law, estate law, criminal law and international private law.

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Ayşe Arman: Flash news for men! You cannot break up from your significant other without paying alimony anymore!

Erkekler! Artık sevgilinizi nafaka ödemeden Ankara boşanma avukatı terk edemeyeceksiniz! Ankara law office lawyer Eray Karınca

Eray Karınca: More tolerance means more oppression!

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Right and Law - At. Semihat Karadağlı

Today, our guest At. Eray Karınca talks about why the number of divorce cases are recently on the rise and answers questions about relevant legal procedure.

Eray Karınca

Eray Karınca

Founder, Lawyer

Av. Eray Karınca’s alma mater is Ankara University, Faculty of Law. He finished his Public Administration Institute For Turkey and the Middle East Graduate School Program with his thesis on Union Rights and Liberties, published in 1996. In 1985 he started work as a criminal judge in Şanlıurfa. Throughout his career he served as a judge in the criminal court of first instances, and later when he moved to Ankara, in commercial courts, the court of first instance, and the domestic court. He retired in 2010 and is an attorney at law since. Karınca is known for his articles and court rulings that are against domestic violence towards women and children. He shared his knowledge in Grand National Assembly Research Commissions. There, he took part in the regulation development operations of Title 4320 (Protection Against Domestic Violence). He contributed to Title 6284 (Protection of Family and Prevention of Violence Against Women). During his career as a judge, he was also involved in literary writing; his short stories were published in the Uğraş Magazine of Zonguldak between 1993-95. In Aydın, he partook in the release of the Aydınca Magazine. He wrote short story collections and legal books alongside various legal works and articles.


  • “Şanlıurfa’dan Örneklerle Kan Davaları” (Family Feud Instances from Şanlıurfa) Turkish Social Sciences Association Young Social Scientist Award, 1987.
  • “Çimlerin Dansı” (The Dance of the Sward), Ankara Bar Assn. Occupation Memoirs First Prize, 1999.
  • “Kadına Yönelik Aile İçi Şiddet” (Domestic Violence towards Women) Milliyet Newspaper Örsan Öymen Research of the Year, 2009.
  • “Kız Doğursun Anneler” Cumhuriyet Newspaper Yunus Nadi Social Sciences Research Award, 2011.