Örsan Öymen İnceleme Ödülü sahibini buldu

With his research on one of the most important problems in Turkey, that is, violence and discrimination against women, Domestic Court Judge Eray Karınca won the Örsan Öymen Research of The Year award.

The award is named after the journalist who lost his life at an early age; this year marks the 20th award ceremony.

Every year, the awards are targeted to an important subject matter of the country, and the subject was decided “Violence and Discrimination Against Women” this year.

The jury members, Prof. Dr. Ayşe Feride Acar, Prof. Dr. Yeşim Arat, Prof. Dr. Aysel Çelikel, Av. Esra Erbaş, Vuslat Doğan Sabancı, Altan Öymen, Meral Tamer, Prof. Dr. Turgut Tarhanlı and Prof. Dr. Tomris Türmen, have evaluated candidate researches in their meeting on 20 April and awarded Eray Karınca for his research titled “Domestic Violence Against Women”.

The jury found Eray Karınca commendable for the award due to his “scrutiny on the problems in the implementation of laws against domestic violence (specifically for violence and discrimination against women) and suggesting solutions”.

The award will be presented this May with a ceremony.


Read the original news in Turkish: http://www.milliyet.com.tr/orsan-oymen-inceleme-odulu-sahibini-buldu/yasam/magazindetay/21.04.2010/1227927/default.htm