Which Proofs Can Be Used in a Divorce Lawsuit Based on Adultery?

29 May, 2023

According to the Turkish Civil Code, adultery is an absolute and special ground for divorce. Therefore, the court wont search any other thing and will rule to divorce if adultery can be proven. 

Adultery can be defined as the consensual sexual intercourse of one of the spouses with the opposite sex. To talk about adultery, there has to be consent. 

To qualify an act as adultery, there must be sexual intercourse and it must be proven. Without intercourse, hugging, fllirting or making close contact with the opposite sex without sexual intercourse won't be considered as adultery.

To prove the adultery,  hotel registrations, sexual explicit photograps and messages can be used.

The act of adultery is hard to prove because it is carried out with secrecy between the parties. Therefore It is recommended to consult a lawyer who specializes in family law to avoid any loss of rights.


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